Quality Exhaust Systems For The Discerning Modeler
(and for UAVs, Unmanned Vehicles
for civilian and military uses)

for boats and Helos (MACS MARINE TUNED PIPES),
Airplanes, UAVS and Umvs (MACS AERO TUNED PIPES),
(also see our economical and not-so-black SCOTSMAN Mufflers)

NEW International small box shipping price

(Al-State) Super 31 Aluminum Brazing Rod
1/16"d x 18"long #9530 see accessories page

see our Side Exhaust Headers OS.45-.55 AX(2590-2593)
OS .65-.75 AX(2860-2863), OS .95 AX (2980-2982) & OS120 AX (2990-2992)
Side Exhaust Headers

see our new Rear Exhaust Headers for the DLE 20 RA(4790-4792)
DLE 35 RA(#4810-5) & DLE 55 RA(#4900-5)
Rear Exhaust Headers

(be sure to verify your motors muffler mounting screw
size and the center-to-center of those screws on your motor
with the information with each of our motor-header&muffler listing)

Don't forget to see our Multi-Color & Ultra Pure Silicone Tubing

2016 Product Line
Note: All prices listed are in effect January 2016
through December 2016 (unless other wise stated)

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