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We recommend you check with your local dealer first. However, we realize that your local hobby shop will not be able to stock our complete line. Our goal is to service you, the modeler, and give you the opportunity to order direct from our inventory. Please use the order form below:

Order Form

To all customer: Those shipments that require Export Documents, by LAW, we must and will list the FULL invoice purchase price on any and all shipping documents!!!
Also, For those shipments going via Post Office: We try to go to the Post Office once a week as needed, usually on Saturday. But because of conflicts sometimes we are unable, so it may take longer.
Item Return Policy: Item must still be in the original package unopened and unused. Items purchased new direct from MACS Products will be subject to a 10% restocking and repackaging fee. Items not purchased direct from MACS Products will be subject to a 25% restocking and repackaging fee.

Macs Products
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